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Ammi Samayal Coconut Oil - Wood Pressed, Edible

BrandAmmi Samayal

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  • Traditional Method of extracting Oil using wooden ghani (Mara Chekku) makes the process slow yet nutritional preserving the natural quality of the product. Since ancient times, it is the best oil suited for edible as well as beauty purposes. Cold (Wood) pressed oils are rich in anti-oxidants. The minimal heat used in the extraction of the oil helps to retain the anti-oxidants present in it. If high temperature is applied to the oil during its extraction, the anti-oxidants get destroyed. When these anti-oxidants pass into our body, they fight the harmful free radicals and offer protection against the growth of tumours. Cold (Wood) pressed coconut oil possesses Lauric acid. This compound offers protection against harmful pathogens and by nature its available only in mother’s milk and next in coconut oil. Cold Wood pressed oil always retains the natural flavour and odour of the oil even after production, it helps to enhance the overall flavour of the food cooked using wood pressed Oil. Ingredients: Coconut Oil. How to Use: Coconut oil is best suited to be used for cooking as well as beauty purposes like hair and skin.