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Double horse Vadi Matta

BrandDouble horse

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  • Imagine a dish filled with pristine long grains of pearly rice. Now imagine these grains filled with specks of black and other defects lining your plate. Not a pretty sight? Well, fret no more. With the latest sortex sorting technology, you can get rice that is filled with the pristine goodness of your dreams. Just ask Double House for its Sortex Rice, to know more!  Ingredients: The luxuriously long grained, and spear shaped Basmati Rice in this 5 Kg bag has been put through a sortex machine in the course of its milling journey, to ensure that all black tips and specks are banished from each and every grain of rice. How to Use: This sortex rice can be used for parties and other festive purposes to create a well presented meal that invokes the awe of your guests. It can be boiled in water or cooked in the pressure cooker.