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India Gate Rice - Basmati Regular Choice

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  • Regular Choice comes from our premium range, which is longer in size, cooks fast, and has all the magnificent quality of pure basmati rice. Uniformly graded by our automatic sortex, this basmati rice can give you a royal dining experience every day. India Gate Basmati Rice promises the authentic taste and fragrance of basmati, harvested from the finest seeds, at the price that fits into every budget. Specification : India Gate Regular choice originates from the Terai region, close to North-western Himalayas which is known as the heartland of basmati. The quality of the harvest is undoubtedly the best; it is tested, procured and then matured for one year. As a result the grains are longer; they do not break or stick together and has an unmistakably amazing aroma. How to Use : Rinse the rice thoroughly.soak the rice for 30 minutes in Lukewarm water prior to cooking. 5Cups of Water for one cup of rice. Nutritional Facts - Per 100GMS (3/4 Cup)(Approx) Yield - 2.25 Cups Cooked ( 3 Times ) Serving Per Pouch 50, Not a significant source of Vitamin C,Sodium,Calcium,Iron Fatty Acid and Cholesterol. Energy - 344 Kcal ,Protine - 6.7 Gm,Carbohydrate - 77 Gm, Fat 0.5 Gm,Diatary Fiber - 1.4 Gm,Potassium 105 Mg, Magnesium 65 Mg,Phosphorus - 120 Mg, Thiamine ( B1 ) 0.45 Mg, Riboflavin ( B2 ) 0.05 Mg, Niacin ( B3 ) 4.1 Mg.