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Kohinoor Basmati Rice - Authentic Super Value


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  • Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice is authentic basmati rice that has superior cooking, super value and superb basmati taste. This type of grain is carefully selected for length and superior aroma and is processed in a world-class manufacturing facility. The result is an exceptionally alluring plate. These grains are naturally curated and nurtured with utmost care so that they bring out the authentic taste of every dish. Kohinoor is one of the best brands of basmati rice in India. Ingredients : For Every Serving For 100 gm Of Uncooked Rice, Energy - 293 Kcal, Protein - 6 gm, Fat, Total 0.5 gm, Carbohydrate - 66 gm, Dietary Fibre - 3 gm, Sugar < 0.1 gm. Benefits:- -Authentic Basmati Rice for an everyday meal -Super Value -Superior Cooking -Superb Basmati Taste -Ideal for everyday dishes like steam rice, jeera rice, khichdi or pulao