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Safe Harvest Jaggery Powder - Pesticide Free

BrandSafe Harvest

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  • Safe Harvest Jaggery Powder is made in the traditional way from molasses from cane juice, which is slow cooked to deliver a rich, nutrient dense goodness all the way from Uttarakhand to you. With minimal processing and no bleaching, it is packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals like Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Zinc important for bone density, immunity boosting and reproductive health. Available in versatile powdered form, it can be used in a wide variety of sweet preparations as a healthy substitute to white sugar. Transfer to a clean airtight container after opening the packet to avoid lumps. All Safe Harvest products are cultivated completely devoid of synthetic chemical pesticides. NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories : 368 kcal Total Fat : 0 g Saturates : 0 g Trans fat : 0 g Cholesterol : 0 mg Sodium : 100 mg Carbohydrate : 95 g Fibre : 0 g Sugar : 95 g Protein : 0.2 g Calcium : 10 mg Iron : 0.5 mg